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    Looking for boys and girl players for competitive weekends in cool places A/AA

    We are Excited for our Northern Lights Summer Tournament Series

    Northern Lights Hockey Summer Tournament Series

    We Don't hold Spots or Player #'s.... Please Register!

    Do you want to be in the Fall line up ? Summer hockey sure helps!

    2021 We will be organizing Teams for both MN Area tournys as well as vegas Nashville, Duluth and Europe

    Welcome to Northern Lights Hockey

    We are a Spring / Summer team that puts kids on the ice at high level tournaments or camps for the weekend, in fun cool places.

    We have players representing 17 States, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Spain! 

    You can attend one or you can attend them all.

    Please click interested or going if your interested in our tournaments or camp on our face book events page,

    or register by Clicking on green jersey on main page.


    We Have Played in the Following

    Overtime Challange Eagle River AA - HS Boys 2nd

    The Big Musky @ Essentia  Duluth Heritage Arena
    , MN July 23-26 ,AA/A

    U14 Girls Champions and 2nd Place A

    HS Boys, 2nd AA

    MTN Dew Cup July 17th ' 06   2nd Place A


    Round Up  Cup August 14  Champions '06 Boys AA 

    U14 Girls  Champions Combat Cup A

    HS boys 3rd Summer Finale AA

     Peewee,  AA October 2nd 1st time on ice---
    Fall Border Champions

    individuals welcome!

    Eagle River Boys 2nd Place

    Mtn Dew 06 2nd place

    Mtn Dew 06 2nd place

    Bantam and 16 U AA

    3rd Place 2019 Memorial cup Las Vegas

    Europe Trip 2021

    Evaluating '09-04 Players for Sweden / Finland/ Estonia, August 1 -9, 2021

    We will be headed to Sweden /  Finland and day trip to Tallin, a 14th century Midevil city, for a 8 day epic Scandinavian hockey tour consisting of (2) exhibition games with Sweden and Finland host teams, and team dinners to follow...

    Trip also includes 1 night cruise from  Stockholm- Helsinki.

    Several daily tours, team meals, and your chance to have a worldly hockey experience.

    Tour is 7+ games ending with Lions Cup tournament in Helsinki..

    We Welcome Boys or Girls teams are small in # so kids can epic Adventure!

    contact me for detail and dates August 1-9, 2021

    or see info here and on our fb events page,,, Registration is Open for 2021 Peewee level players and Up.

    $2000 Per person, must have Gaurdian

    $2000 Double occ

    $2300 Single 0cc


    Scandinavian Sign ups High School - Peewee,

    August 1-9th , Arrive Stockholm pick up at airport on 1st

    Clarion Hotel Stockholm

    2  War Ship Exhibition game / Dinner w Swedes

    3rd Stockholm / 1 night luxury Cruise to Helsinki

    4 th Tour Helsinki Exhibition game /Dinner with Fins

    Marina hotel Helsinki

    5th Finland Cup games 1&2

    6th Parents night out

    7th Finland Cup 3 & 4

    8th Finals ....Hot tub Finish Sauna Party

    9th Helsinki / Bus to airport

    Patrick  Brennan

    Patrick Brennan

    Northern Light Hockey AAA

    Phone: 509-481-3839