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    Looking for boys and girl players for competitive weekends in cool places A/AA

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    Welcome to Northern Lights Hockey and the 4th Big Musky Showcase

    Big Musky Boys Game Times and Scores St Croix Rec Center Stillwater, MN

      Friday June 16Stillwater St Croix Rec Center
    10 Blackhawks ice practice
    1130 Cyclones  practice
    100 Northern Lights practice
    230 Midwest Sausage
    400 Capitals Stillwater
    530 Central WI Cyclones
    700 Northern Lights Michigan
    9:00 Midwest Michigan
    1030 Stillwater Central
    12:00 Capitals Cyclones
    130 Midwest Northern Lights
    300 Sausage Michigan
    430 Cyclones Stillwater
    6 Capitals Central
    730 Sausage Northern Lights
    9   Northern Lights
    1030 Varsity 3rd  
    1200'  16 U Other   
    1:30 Varsity Chipper  
    300 Finished  
    Northern Lights Hockey, and The Big Musky

    Northern Lights Hockey, and The Big Musky

    pPoud to have All these boys on the Lights

    Once a Light, Always a Light !

    See tournaments tab for 2023 Dates, Ages and Locations

    Prague Camp and Girls Sweden Lions Cup 15 & 19 U Registrations are open

    Northern Lights Hockey 2023 will be our 5th year, and best yet!

    We are a Spring / Summer team that puts kids on the ice at high level tournaments or camps for the weekend, in fun cool places.

    We are Vegas Born!  meaning the Memorial day Tournament in Las Vegas was the 1st tourney we played in as Northern Lights...

    We now  have a strong presence in Vegas and will do 2-3 Spring / Summer tourneys there in 2023. However, we have players representing 37  States, BC, Alberta,  Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Spain! 
    So not all Vegas teams will be Vegas only kids...

    Northern Lights started out by trying to get ice time for my kids (new to Hockey then) and were running out of places to play and starting to  age out in Northland Hockey. Knowing they needed more summer ice, and Northland only doing MN, SD,ND  tourneys, I created Northern Lights.

    Our teams have been built originally by on ice recruitment, kids we played with in other tournaments,   invites, to word of mouth and  Player referrals.
    As my kids have aged, we've had an awesome time helping them and others get much needed high end summer competition to stay competitive for the Fall High School season,. In some really cool places!

     We've added kids and some great families every year to our program and some return every year. Our philosophy is Once a Light, Always a Light.... we ask your kid to play for someone who can't or someone important to them.
    We tell them to make their parents money worth the expenses to put them on the ice. Meaning Skate, and skate hard... by devoting their play,  I believe this helps bring out their best! 
    We also ask  to them  give back to your community ,  in practice  help the littles...

    We've added a Bantams and now Peewee age group. Having my son Riley, Highschool Captain, Hobey Baker Award winner Northern Lights Captain and 3 sport athlete along with  Fellow Northern Lights 18 U Captain, Robby Powell,  from Superior, WI Coach the Littles..
    Having won a Championship in each Division in only a couple entries..

    Our girls team started out as Champions  as we split our teams and met in the Chipper in the 1st Big Musky..... that core group and other additions has put Northern Lights Girls team as one of the areas strongest, winning Multiple Tourneys including Tier 1 at Notre Dame , Combat Cup, and the Big Musky!
    We've selected the regions best along with some out of state talent,  and play some other great teams, some girls play on 2 teams.

    Our HS boys team is the toughest division in hockey, usually AA level. We have won a few touney's taken 2nd a bunch and have lost some...Penalties and are usually the factor at this age.... All teams are good!
    Again this is summer ice, to get you ready for Varsity ice... Helping some in Captain and leadership roles...If your a varsity player? you're a pillar in your community!
    Northern Lights has earned a reputation that  all teams now know they will be on the ice with some great competition.

    Please except our invite seriously, as we have some of the Top skaters in your age group on our team....From team Wisconsin, MN HP Selects, Hobey Baker winners, Captains,  All State, Junior Players  as well as some of several states top points leaders. If your invited you will make us even better than the success we've had in the past. If you played with us before we'd love to have you back....We try to fill our roster with our best players, your age group will only get better with you and the new talent we recruit. Once a Light, Always a Light.

    You can attend one or you can attend them all... Tampa and our 3 packs are only current sign up other than Europe trips, 2023.

    Please click interested or going if your interested in our tournaments or camp on our face book events page,

    or register by Clicking on green jersey on main page.

    Prague Trip August 2023 Bukac Hockey Camp

    We are very Excited  about taking kids to Prague August 2023...Any player is welcome boy or girl.

    Bukac Hockey has trained the most Pros in the world!

    We will attend 4 days at camp, then return to Prague to chezech out the Castle River cruise and Mid Evil Dinner  

    Northern Lights Prague Trip August

    Day 1) Arrive in Prague Sunday August 6th , after full Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?
     Day 2) Breakfast / Camp Bukac Sightseeing Tour

    Day 3) Breakfast , Bukac

    Day4 ) Breakfast, Bukac  

    Day 5 ) Breakfast, Bukac  Party Dinner Included

    Day 6 ) Breakfast, Tour Prague, Lunch on own  Staropramen  Brewery Tour   Awards Ceremony River Cruise & Dinner
    Day 7) Breakfast return home

    There are no travel Restrictions at this time, includes bus to and from camp and most meals.

    $1500 per player /  $1200 Gaurdian /   family Member.

    Airfare Not included

    Trip starts and ends in Prague, possible camp to follow tourney.

    Register @


    Welcome to Northern Lights Hockey

    We are a Spring / Summer team that puts kids on the ice at high level tournaments or camps for the weekend, in fun cool places.

    We have players representing 37  States, BC, Alberta,  Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Spain! 

    You can attend one or you can attend them all.

    Please click interested or going if your interested in our tournaments or camp on our face book events page,

    or register by Clicking on green jersey on main page.


    on top of attending Camps in Italy
    CCM Pro Hockey Europe
    Okanogan Hockey Camp Austria

    Bukac Czeck Republic
    Breezy Point, MN

    We Have Played in the Following

    One Hockey Clearwater Fl 2022

    Big Musky 2022, 2nd HS Boys

    Vegas One Hockey, 2022

    Best of Breck 2022

    Vegas CanAm 2022

    Lobsterfest 16 U Champs 2021

    Big Musky 2021 2nd HS Boys and Girls

    CanAm Las Vegas  July 2021 Bantam Champs

    2021 Shadow Mtn Showcase 2nd Whitefish, MT

    2021 14 U Girls Irish Cup Champions South Bend, IN

    2021 One Hockey St Louis
    16 U AA 4th / 7 no playoff game

    2018 Memorial Day Cup Vegas 3rd 16u AA

    2019 Memorial Day Cup Vegas 3rd bantam A A

    2019 Northern Exposure AAA HS Boys

    2019 Northern Exposure AAA Bantams

    2020 Overtime Challange Eagle River
    AA - HS Boys 2nd

    2020 The Big Musky @  Heritage Arena
     Duluth  , MN  ,AA/A 2nd HS Boys

    2020 U14 Girls Champions A  Big Musky

    2020 U14 Girls Champions 2nd Place A  Big Musky

    2020 MTN Dew Cup July 17th ' 06   2nd Place A

    2020 Round Up  Cup  Champions '06 Boys AA 

    2020 U14 Girls  Champions Combat Cup A

    2020 HS boys 3rd Summer Finale AA

     Peewee,  AA 
    Fall Border Champions  - 1st time on ice

    individuals welcome!

    Eagle River Boys 2nd Place

    Mtn Dew 06 2nd place

    Mtn Dew 06 2nd place

    Bantam and 16 U AA

    3rd Place 2019 Memorial cup Las Vegas

    Lobster Fest Champs

    lions Cup in Sweden / Finland 2023... Prague contact us for teams

    Patrick  Brennan

    Patrick Brennan

    Northern Light Hockey AAA

    Phone: 509-481-3839